A little of your time can mean so much.

Volunteer with Journey Hospice.

Volunteer Application

Journey Hospice Volunteer Opportunity Information:
Call (609) 699-4133 or email journeyinfo@lsmnj.org

The Beauty of Volunteering for Journey

Some may say that there is an art to volunteering. Selflessly giving of your time and energy to better the lives of others is an effort that should not be taken for granted. Journey Hospice knows the magnitude that the kindness of volunteers has on its patients.

Journey Hospice volunteer, Sharon Fish discovered her passion for volunteering when she witnessed a family friend experience the benefits of hospice volunteer services. “By spending quality time with patients, I feel like I’m doing a good thing for them. If there is any way that I can brighten their spirits and help the patient’s families, that is what I want to be doing,” said Sharon.

Her friends and family will often remark that they don’t know how she volunteers for hospice. Sharon will simply reply, “It’s not what you think! As a volunteer for Journey, you can do what you feel most comfortable doing. Just being there for patients and being willing to give of your time is all you really need to do.”

When Sharon visits her patients, they spend time reading bible verses, taking walks, sharing stories and watching television. Each patient is different and so the level at which they are able to participate in activities and conversation will vary.

Her advice to those considering becoming a volunteer, “If you enjoy being with people, just give it a try! It has been a wonderful experience for me and it could be for you too!”